Bespoke furniture

In addition to the exclusive furniture line of Dom van der Laan Furniture Design there are also special bespoke projects.

Funeral casket
UitvaartkistIn addition to its furniture line, Dom van der Laan has also designed a funeral casket. Naturally, the casket is crafted using the same architectural philosophy applied to the furniture designs. The material consists of an inner and outer sheet of Multiplex plywood. The outer surface is finished with a coating of paint from the standard Dom van der Laan colour palette. The finish consists of a carved wooden cross at the head end and six aluminium handles. The original dimensions are 200 x 56 x 48 cm.

Naturally, we help think of possible solutions when making a funeral casket.

Piet van Riel
Dom van der Laan Meubeldesign invited artist Piet van Riel to paint the bench, chair and coffin. The results are unique works of art from which the specific interaction of the architect and artist have emerged.

Kruk PvRFrom Nature
The landscape provides the inspiration for the creator of this furniture. The lines represent the landscape: felled trees, the circle of death and new life, where one finds peace and can reflect on nature, where it all started.

Well-deserved rest
Designing a piece of furniture is not an automatic process. The movement towards it is an endeavour: that struggle is portrayed in tranquil, stylish furniture. By shifting a discharge of colour, I convey the designer’s struggle.

Piet van Riel
“I strive to express artistic and social freedom in my paintings. My paintings add colour to my life and to the lives of those who observe or read my art. Painting is writing with paint. It is finding the connection between body and mind; it is inner growth, instinctively learning to trust your hands and eyes.

My art is music that is framed and hangs on the wall. It allows you to listen with your eyes to an abstract, festive discharge of colour in this harsh society. This is how I continue to work on personal purity.”

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